Aim Of Life–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Papmochini title

There are two types of thoughts present in every human mind. Just like we have two types of water, one is holy water of river Ganges and second muddy water. We have to travel some kilometers for plunging into Ganges but there is no toiler or struggle  for plunging inside us, wejust have to sit quite, watching our  breath  and do some japa {remembering God’s name) and we become pure and hallow, any where & any time, there isno toil for it. Once Udiya Baba{a famous hindu saint} &his Saint friend Hari baba had gone to listen Bhagwat Katha with threedisciples. The narrator of Bhagwat Katha was telling about lordKrishna very nicely. Hari Baba was listening Katha with full concentration,  although Hari Baba himself was very good narrator & his listeners used to become estatic when they would listen to Hari Baba. Aftercompletion of the katha,  Hari baba asked his disciple that narration…

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