Navratri Special–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


The nine days of navratri falling duing the month of Sharad (as per hindi calendar between October-November) & Chaitra (between march and april) have significance of worshiping women as SHAKTI(strength)

Generally , we celebrate two Navratri in a year, one for playing dandiya (Sharad Navratra) and one forobserving fasts and other rituals(Chaitra Navratra).What is women empowerment (Shakti)-

SHAKTI the name itself indicates, is the power, which works as a driving force for men. Women serve aspower house for the achievement of wealth ,Life, success& respect. They are also known for theirinherent qualities of forgiveness, generousity & compassion and hence termed as SHAKTI. Therefore,more number of days have been given to worship WOMEN in indian culture asNavratri(9days),Diwali(2days),Vasantpanchmi(1 day) etc.

Students should observe 9 days’ Anushthana (ritual) during Navratri of Saraswatya mantra(mantra ofGoddess of wisdom) for developing their mind and intellect. Even Elders, who have to do a lot ofIntellectual work should observe Fast(vrat)…

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