Shraadh-Pitro Ke Prati Samarpit Shraddha-Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Our Scriptures have explained four types of extinction of life.

The four types of passing away, of which we don’t have any

ideas to how our ancestors passed away, whether by drowning,

by fire, by falling of tree upon them or by taken in by earth or

for any other reason…we have no clue…

In such cases , the son is duty bound to do the following


The son should enchant that

“ I (your name), son of ___________(father’s name), of

_________ (Gotra) pray to the God of fire that fruit of this deed

of mine done with full respect and reverence, liberates all my

‘PITRU’ (departed ancestors’ souls), who have attained such

type of death, must reach to all of them.”

Our scriptures says that a son must first pray to the Sun God

and then proceed for this ritual of Shraadh.

Not only our blood relation, but…

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