Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

‘Ram Naam’ is a blessing which millions of Hindus have treasured in their hearts since ages past. It is
the supreme purifier of the mind of man, the bestower of perennial joy, the giver of peace and the key
to the gate of Immortality. The Ramarahasyopanishad says that the letters ‘Ra’ and ‘Ma’ are the
essence of the two most important Mantras, viz., Ashtakshara and Panchakshara, which, when the
letters ‘Ra’ and ‘Ma’ are removed from them, respectively, not only lose their primary meaning but
give the opposite meaning. When Ram Nam is chanted, a significant change takes place in the entire
organism of the person chanting it. There is a twofold effect product by the utterance of the Divine
The Mantra Sakti or the power generated by the juxtaposition of the letters of the Mantra and by the utterance of the same, the whole nervous system of the…

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