Affection oil–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Once Guru Nanak Dev while doing plantation on field, a rich man came over there. He pleaded Gurunanakji to give him preachings. Gurunanakji raised his hand in blessing mode and silently responded to man. Gurunanakji once again started the plantation quietly, picking the plants and planting at another place.

After a moment rich man again said ” O divine master please preach me”, Gurunanakji again acceepted his request and silently continued with plantation from one place to another. Rich man again pleaded Gurunanakji for some preachings, Gurunanakji on indicating the plantation said “the sameway you have to pick your affection  from materialistic world and place in the God.”

The sameway pick your fondness from world and place in God. Pick your endearment from world and place in Devotion. If  fond of talking use for God.  If  fond of  hearing, listen to  discourses, just  like plantation pick your  affection  from…

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