Go-Raksha or Cow Protection – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

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Go-Raksha or the Cow Protection can be accomplished only if one aims to serve the cows rather than be served by them. In classic agrarian model of life style, milk is not the goal of cow protection and the bull calf is more celebrated than the female calf because in earlier times, the bulls were considered to be more productive once trained and matured.


Unfortunately modern dairy culture has got nothing to do with cow protection but everything to do with cow exploitation.


More so these business dealers and traders breed, rear and protect only the exotic breeds and not the Desi Indigenous breed whose milk, urine and dung are all productive and has medicinal qualities. The consumerism culture that is getting popularized in urban India is also another reason behind the pathetic condition and declining population of Desi breeds of cows.

Agrarian social structure and life style focused on…

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