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Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

sharnam titleThe Sanskrit word ‘Sharnam’ means shelter. This mantra asks that we be brought to Hari’s shelter, a place of refuge. The blessing of Hari’s protection removes all anxieties..

Shree Guru Charanam
Shree Hari Sharanam

I surrender to the feet of the Guru, and find my refuge in God.

If I had no shame, no guilt, no fear…then I could raise my eyes and
look at you. But I can’t bear the love in your eyes. I have to turn
away. Could you really be looking at me that way? No one has ever
looked at me like that. How could this be? I am all naked in front of
you. I want to run but my legs don’t move. I want to hide, but I see
you everywhere I turn, and if I look up for a moment, you’re looking
at me the same way. I have no where to hide. I fall…

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